About Us

About Us

Welcome To Straight Career

Straight Career is the Company of choice to help companies find the right employees to growth. To this end, we identify inflection points needed to find the right candidate regardless of any discipline. We assist companies by providing high quality recruitment services at contingency.


We respect each individual’s dignity; we demonstrate ethical behavior in our attitudes, actions and words; we commit ourselves to teamwork, collaboration and open and honest communication; empathy and compassion guide us in creating an environment of understanding and concern for all.

Our Offerings

Full Time Placements

We can help your firm in finding the right candidates with your long term in mind. Candidates who will work in the door on day 1 and make a difference

Contract roles/Locum

In situations where high skill is needed to fill contract roles. We can close the gap in finding that match.

Start up recruitment

If you have a startup and burning cash in finding resources is a problem, we can work with you with a small fee with most of our payment going into equity, that way you can have rest of mind and focus on what you do best